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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Since November of 2011 the rescue has been growing.  It all started when two friends, working in a pet store, learned about the helpless animals being euthanized in the USA. At first, their efforts were focused on the high-kill shelters in California.  Soon after, they were helping local animals as well. As the network grew and more foster homes came on board, they were able to make a difference in many more lives.  Over the years Paws It Forward went from a Society to a Registered Charity. They have hosted and participated in several fundraisers, community events and more! For the past 3 years they have  been selected as one of the the Top 3 Charities for the 'Best of Kelowna reward'.  Overall, they are so humbled to have countless volunteers and foster homes that help them on the journey of saving lives. Not having a facility or 'shelter', they rely on the community to provide a safe loving place.  All the in's and out's of the rescue are handled by dedicated volunteers. The fosters offer their time and space to dogs in need all the time! As a group they can train, transport and care for the dogs.



"Our motto is that we will not discriminate against dogs based on age, breed, or location. We believe every dog deserves a happy forever home, which is why we rescue dogs both inside, and outside, of the Okanagan."

- Paws It Forward Dog Rescue

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Kelowna, B.C

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